Privacy Policy

1. Consent Section

Please read this Privacy Policy before accessing the services provided on this site. By interacting with our site and purchasing our products/services, you confirm you have read AND agree to the terms contained within this policy. Before we process payments, customers will be required to reconfirm that they have read this policy carefully. You have certain rights regarding the data we hold about you, please see section 5 for an overview of these rights.

If you have any questions related to any aspects of this policy, please get in touch using our ‘Contact Us’ form.

2. Company owning URL

ASTRANTIA HILLS NIGERIA LIMITED is the licence owner of the URL

ASTRANTIA HILLS NIGERIA LIMITED is registered at Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Data we collect about you

We collect your data in several ways. In this section we aim to inform you of all methods of collection and how it will be collected. We do not collect unnecessary data; all of our policies are common practice within the industry, and we are committed to our transparency. If our customers have any questions about how their data is collected, then they have the right to enquire via our contact form. The following is a list of instances where we will collect and store your data:

Active Input

- When a customer creates an account, we request the following information – full name, contact email address, phone number.

- When a transaction is made, the user will be redirected to a payments processing platform. The customer will be asked to complete their billing information. The customer can choose whether they would like the company to store this information in order to speed up the transaction process in the future. If this is the case, with permission, the company will store the user’s billing information. also stores proof of transactions - this is required by law. Transaction details that may be stored include details of the order (such as item type and quantity), unique order number, whether any discount vouchers were used at check out.

- Miscellaneous communications such as when a customer gives feedback, selects preferences or subscribes to certain update emails and newsletters.


- When a user accesses our site we will automatically collect their data, this data is recorded but will be anonymised therefore is not traceable to you. We collect information such as the type of device you are using, the operating system that the device is running, information stored in the form of cookies on your hard drive, the type and version of your internet browser.

4. How we use the data that we collect about you

We respect your right to privacy and are committed to handling your data responsibly. We only collect and use your data if there is a legitimate reason for doing so. By law we are required to have a justifiable reason for collecting the data, only collect data that is completely necessary and consider the benefits to the company versus any damage that could be caused to the customer as a result of keeping this data.

When you create an account with us and purchase products or services, we register your account on our customer database. This allows us to identify customers when they place repeat orders in the future. Collecting contact information upon transaction allows us to send the product and receipt to the customer’s email address, trace the order if any problems occur and inform the customer of any changes.

By collecting your IP address when you access the site and tracking your movement around our pages, we can identify your preferences and better understand your needs. By collecting IP addresses, this also gives us an indication of the countries our website visitors are browsing from. This allows us to ensure that our site is translated into all crucial languages and purchase prices are displayed in all the necessary currencies.

The manner in which you navigate around our site also tells us important information about how well our site is working, this allows us to improve our site for other customers. Examples of this sort of data would be the buttons that you click on, the amount of time spent on each page and the amount that you scrolled down each page.

5. User Rights

you have the right to fully understand how your data will be used, you also have the privilege to erase it, correct it or remove permission for your data to be used for digital marketing. You can request more information regarding the use of your data if you have reason to believe that it is being used unlawfully.

We will always comply with your request where possible and will carry this out free of charge. There are some exceptions where data cannot be erased from our records, such as when we are obliged to store your data by law or official authority, or for archiving and statistical purposes requested by governing bodies.

6. Cookie Policy

Cookies are packets of data that are sent to your computer by the website and are saved automatically on your hard drive. Cookies are then used to enable certain website features that enhance user experience.

Cookies allow the website to recognise a user and ‘remember’ them. For example, they allow a website to retain your email address and password, making it easier to log in to your account in the future.

There are several types of cookies available; on this site, we use cookies for advertising, site analytics and site management. For each collection method, before the data is stored, it will be anonymised. Advertising cookies allow our third-party ads to gather information regarding how often each ad is clicked. Analytics cookies assist us with deciphering the features on our site that work well, versus the features that operate sub-optimally. Site management cookies are the cookies that allow us to temporarily store your user data whilst you are on our site, meaning that your preferences will not be lost each time you refresh the page.

As a customer, using cookies is entirely optional. You have the ability to disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. Please note that disabling cooking may negatively affect the way the website functions.

7. Security

We understand that by using our website or creating an account with us, you are wilfully disclosing your personal information. This has many positive consequences as it allows us to improve our site and establish communication with you. However, we realise we must respect this trust by doing everything that we can to ensure that your data remains safe and protected at all times.

The measures that we have in place to minimise the risk of a breach and the severity of a potential breach are as follows:

- We only keep your data for as long as necessary. This may be governed by contracts we have signed with third-parties, government law or company policy.

- Where possible data is anonymised, therefore the consequences of a potential security breach would be less severe as the data is not traceable to customers.

- We store data on firewall and password-protected databases. Our employees cannot view this data. The only way that our employees can access your contact information is if they have been granted your PID (personal identification number), they are given this only when they become your personal consultant.

- We have a security team that is responsible for ensuring that our data protection measures are up-to-date and offer high-security protection. They carry out penetration tests regularly to assess the effectiveness of our technologies.

- We have legally binding contracts with our third-party collaborators that may have access to your personal information on our databases. These contracts are put in place to ensure that they handle your information responsibly. These third-party collaborators provide services such as our email platform and online payments.

Though we have measures in place to minimise the risks, due to the nature of information transmission via the internet, total security cannot be guaranteed. Users are responsible for viewing the privacy policies of third-party websites that they may be redirected to as a result of clicking on our hyperlinks. The company does not accept responsibility for security breaches that occur as a result of interaction with a third-party website.

8. Fraud

We have fraud detection technology in place that works alongside our security team to constantly monitor incoming site data, looking for symptoms of fraudulent behaviour. If we suspect fraud, we have the right to request that the civil authorities investigate the issue.

9. Under 18s

All users must be 18 or over to access this site. is not liable for the consequences that could arise as a result of unaccompanied minors browsing our site in the absence of a responsible adult.

10. Contact us

We encourage our customers to contact us if they encounter any issues.