How can you help me?

There are many factors involved when launching a successful website; that's why we have members of our technical team that are dedicated to researching successful techniques! We have seen websites fail and succeed many times over, therefore we can save you the effort of learning lessons the hard way. Don't make the same mistakes that have been made before you – we can help make your life a lot easier.

How does our expert advice services work?

Arrange a call with us and we'll get started right away. We have a 5-step process that we use to structure our projects, helping you to get the most out of your experience with us. Request your first call using the form below.

How much does our Expert Advice it cost?

Our Expert Advice service starts at ₦12,561 per hour

We feel that in order to offer you information and advice that will really benefit you, we need the best tech-heads on the continent! We have selectively recruited our team and we are confident that you will receive an unbeatable service

*this is a starting price only - some advanced projects may incur higher charges. Sessions are charged per hour and payment must be processed in advance. Customer calls shorter than 1 hour are available at a reduced fee.

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Request a call back